Shalom, buon giorno, and welcome! I’m Sam, and consider this my digital handshake. If I had it my way, though, I’d probably just jump ahead with the awkward it’s-too-early-I-just-met-you hug. Just the way I do things.

What am I doing here in this space? I’m sharing my art, my happiness, with you. Just a brief backstory to my creative origins. Since I was just a little one, I really wanted to learn more about being happy. I found happiness in sounds, in pictures, and in words. I’ve had a love affair with music ever since my older brother would drive us to school, playing old Green Day and No Use For A Name albums. I saw him playing the guitar, fiddling with pedals and switches, and I think I saw “passion” for the first time then. I kept that love very close to my heart, and not only messed around with music like he did, but with visual arts as well. It led to colors exploding off my pages and finely detailed pen and ink drawings filling my sketchbooks.

Art, to me, has never been about an “escape”, as it seems so frequently to be for artists. I never really needed to escape. I’ve always just loved to do it because it has the rare ability to invoke a degree of emotion in a heartbeat. Photographs can make you feel filled with joy, or at peace, or completely stressed out. Music can bring you back to a single pinpoint moment in the haystack of moments in your life. A hand-drawn piece can literally make you take a breath and say, “Wow, that’s totally badass.” Its so universal, it touches every single person in some way or another, even if they don’t realize it. I fucking dig that.

I want you to be able to use what I put here for your own inspiration. This site is an extension of myself, and I want people to see what I love to do and what other people love to do, as well. So go, find the things that make you happy and inspire you. So create: create your happiness, because every last person has it in themselves to do that.